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Places to See Tasmanian Plants - Native Gardens

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden

Lower Domain Road
Queens Domain
Opening Hours
April: 8:00am - 5:30pm
May-August: 8:00am - 5:00pm
September: 8:00am - 5:30pm
October-March: 8:00am - 6:30pm
Ph: (03) 6236 3075
The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG) has several areas dedicated to Tasmanian flora. These include the A P May Tasmanian Plant Collection, the Greater Hobart Collection, the Fernery, the Tasmanian East Coast Collection and the Epacrid Garden.
The A P May Tasmanian Plant Collection is dedicated to the memory of A P May, Superintendent of the Gardens from 1976-1992 who initiated this garden. Dedicated to the display of Tasmanian native plants within the RTBG, it was set up in 1991 under the guidance of APST Inc. Hobart Group member, Sib Corbett. Species range from alpine and rainforest to coastal flora and include many rare and threatened species.
The Greater Hobart Garden with over 140 species at the northern entrance has been set up to show local Hobart species as a horticultural display and to help the public with plant identification. There are plants from dry grasslands and, dry and wet sclerophyll areas.
The Tasmania East Coast Collection, with over 200 species, has plants from a wide range of habitats from Flinders Island to the Tasman Peninsula including many rare and threatened species such as Pultenaea prostrata.
The Tasmanian Fernery, with its cascading watercourse, has a large collection of Tasmania's fern species ranging from delicate filmy ferns to tree ferns such as Dicksonia antarctica. There are also moisture loving mosses and wet area flora.
The Epacrid Garden is now called the Ericaceae Garden due the botanical name change. It displays Tasmanian species from alpine to coastal habitats around the State.

Tasmanian Bushland Garden

5598 Tasman Highway
Buckland, TAS 7190
Open 7 days a week in daylight hours
Garden beds with East Coast Tasmanian flora, many species labelled. Picnic area with toilet facilities, sculptures and bush walking trails

Inverawe Native Gardens

Tasmania's Largest Landscaped Native Garden
1564 Channel Highway
Margate, TAS 7054
Open seven days a week 1 September to the end of May, 9 AM to 6 PM
June to August, ring for an appointment
Entry fee applies: concessions welcome
Gift Vouchers, annual passes, Eftpos available
Tea on the Terrace, just a little extra.
Phone: 6267 2020

The Tasmanian Arboretum, Eugenana

46 Old Tramway Road
Phone: (03) 6427 2690
This volunteer-run garden park contains the largest collection of Tasmanian species in cultivation. Focused on long-lived
species, the Arboretum has all Tasmanian conifers and all the State’s eucalypts. All plants are labelled. A list of species in each bed of the Tasmanian Section is available.
The Gondwana section contains a large number of Southern Hemisphere Nothofagus species and a range of Eucryphia sp. The Wollemi pine (Wollemia nobilis) grove is another highlight. Other sections contain representative plants from other continents.

Heritage Forest Tasmanian Native Plant Garden

Entry from Caswell Street via the short laneway
Mowbray 7248
The Northern Group of the APST Inc. are working with the Launceston City Council to maintain a Tasmanian plant garden they have established in the Heritage Forest Reserve. The aim of this garden is to show visitors

how Tasmanian plants can be used in suburban gardens. In 2004/5 the Council erected fences, removed trees and laid gravel paths. Then, in Autumn 2005 after mulch had been laid and rabbit proof fences added, APST Northern Group members planted the area with Tasmanian species from Habitat Nursery and the Northern Group's own nursery. They had guidance from Herbert Staubmann from Habitat and help from Conservation Volunteers. Regular working bees have been, and continue to be, held to plant more species, weed and spread more mulch.

The Tasmanian Native Plants Garden in the Heritage Forest was officially opened by the Mayor of Launceston in 2011, and in 2013 the Heritage Forest Reserve celebrated its 25th Anniversary. That year the Heritage Forest Tasmanian Native Plants Garden was officially opened to the public. The Garden celebrated its 10th anniversary on 25th October 2015 with a very successful activity.